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    With visual search, gaze tracking and other features we offer, online shopping can be as leisurely or as quick and productive as you want, all from your mobile device

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    Social Media

    From recognizing & sharing emotions to adding more value and info to your photos, our vision features make the social media experience, much cooler than it is today!

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    Build an entire new genre of fun, immersive games powered by cool features provided on our Vision Stack

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    Searching for things, online or offline will never be the same with our vision based features like object recognition

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    Understand user intent, interest and preferences to design lovable and usable products for your consumers

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    Enable vision based analysis and medical applications for patients

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    Imagine controlling and interacting with robots that understand and emote with you meaningfully

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    Engage children through gestures and emotive displays aiding fun learning and development

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    Usher in a new era of shopping and create compelling personalized experiences for your consumers

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    Simplify how your customers can access and interact with information by delivering it at the right time, place and context with a simple look or nod

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    With connected cars everywhere and self driving cars on the horizon, we hope to make your journeys safe, fun and stress free with our stack

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    Create immersive environments for tourists making exploring the world around them, exicitng and fun


Welcome to a new era of computing powered by
Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

Mad street Den is here to make machines more useful by making them a bit more human: fun, intelligent and relevant

They will sense as babies, observe and play as youngsters, learn and change with you as they grow older. We currently offer a range of computer vision based products and services powered by our cloud based platform , MADstack, to customers across several verticals and platforms. More than anything else, we're excited to bring the power of our technology to a range of mobile phones making it relevant, usable and fun for people around the world


Object Recognition
       Coming Soon!