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Driving a Culture of Data Science MadStreetDen® Feb 16, 2017 Data science at MSD is centered around building data products using machine learning, statistical inferencing and modeling of domain knowledge and working with an interdisciplinary mindset to problem solving...
What is computer vision, really? MadStreetDen® Feb 18, 2016 And how did it get in your apps? Computer vision has been around for many decades, but recently, we're witnessing a major resurgence of interest in how machines 'see', and how computer vision...
Building the future of AI MadStreetDen® Mar 30, 2016 What's the real deal with creating intelligence? Sneak a peek into the AI tech talk at the IndiaHacks Conference 2016 where our CTO and founder, Anand Chandrasekaran, explores the road to generalized intelligence...
Making sense of our 'AI Overloads' MadStreetDen® Jan 21, 2015 I don't know about you, but I'm tired of all the inflated language on AI in news these days. The words killer robots, AI with ability to destroy humans, take over our jobs have all been generously thrown around these past few months...

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